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Southern Motherhood is finding joy in simplicity. Passing down traditions from generation to generation and creating new ones along the way.

What are you passionate about the most: Inspiring women to cultivate a joy-filled motherhood and parent with purpose, not perfection.

You would be surprised to know: This girl loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and anything on the water…I just require a bubble bath afterward.

Favorite class, you’ve ever taken high school or college: British history…well, any history. I am a hopeful romantic and dove into all romantic historical books, poems, and writings I could find in high school.

How I met my husband: It’s a long story but the short version is that I met an amazing man who became my best friend, which turned into love over sweet tea and a BBQ salad one day.

Married Tradition: I picked a winner, he has a tradition of making me breakfast in bed one morning every weekend. In return, I make a different country pie each Sunday afternoon for him.

My favorite motherhood memory: Co-sleeping, waking up in the morning to cuddles and giggles. I was a single mom for a couple years before I re-married and it was just the three of us. Mornings were special cuddle and coffee time for me.

How many kids do I have: her 2 boys + his 2 boys = our 4 boys

How I came to be with Southern Motherhood: I am the founder and CEO of mommy media publishing house, I had a dream to celebrate the south by cultivating a community of mothers who collectively contribute their love for southern culture, fashion, food, and travel in a beautiful publication for this generation of moms, the new modern southern woman. I am so grateful for the work we do because our job is to tell these authentic motherhood stories. I love my “work.” We’re not corporate or owned by some big publishing house. We do the layout, write the editorial, organize the advertising – and everything else – ourselves. We are self-published, which is a rarity nowadays. We’re really, really small. We never want to grow to the point where we can’t give personal attention to what matters most.

Favorite Southern Tradition: Low-Country boils, I do declare that there ain’t much in the world that good food and a glass of sweet tea shared around a bonfire can’t fix.

The best part of being a blogger: The women I get to meet! Some of my best friends have been made through the magazine both within the circle I work with and the readers I get to connect with.

What I do in my spare time: If it’s a clear sunny day, you’ll find me outside with my family but if it’s chilly or a spring shower, I’ll be curled up with a good book, a REAL book not digital. I love the smell and feel of a good ol’ paperback.

Southern motherhood is: Finding joy in simplicity. Passing down traditions from generation to generation and creating new ones along the way.

Sweet tea or coffee: Both! I run on baby cuddles and caffeine.

Favorite colors: Deep greens, Mustard Yellow, and cream

My southern style is: Tory Burch Flip Flops, classic fit tank tops, fitted jeans, and a pair of sunnies. I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe and believe in controlling my wardrobe vs it controlling me. I am not the fashion editor for sure, I would be called a minimalist and very traditional, some of my purses and shoes I have had for 15 years.

Favorite target isle: Kitchen decor, I am smitten with different seasonal coffee cups and a good set of styled cloth napkins.



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