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Southern Motherhood is living in the moment, taking things slow and loving hard. It’s also about creating/passing on traditions.

What are you passionate about the most: My family. They give my life purpose and bring out the best in me. My parents taught me family is the most important thing and to live my life ensuring it stayed my #1 priority.

You would be surprised to know: I’m a thrill seeker in many ways except when it comes to trying new foods. I’ve been called un-American for not ever tasting ranch dressing or ketchup!

Favorite class, you’ve ever taken high school or college: I loved my theatre class in high school. Any class, really, that would allow me to express my artistic/creative side. I had a blast with all the characters I played and the sense of community from the drama crew!

How I met my husband: He was friends with my cousin. We messaged back and forth on AOL Instant Messenger (#showingmyage) and after a short two day visit we decided to dive into a long distance relationship. We are going strong almost two decades later!

Married Tradition: We have special cue words when either of us needs extra personal attention (usually me lol). With four kids in the house we make it a point to create some time for extra hugs or a kiss! My favorite is bedtime when his hands find mine and we just hold it there before we fall asleep.

My favorite motherhood memory: the mom cuddles. All four kids have always had a special bond with me. I cherish the times they want to wrap their arms around my neck, rest their head on my shoulder or nuzzle up against me. I know the days are numbered when I won’t get those same kind of cuddles.

How many kids do I have: My fantastic four!

How I came to be with Southern Motherhood: I was invited to a dinner party by Faythe and Kate, both editors for Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine along with other fabulous local mom bloggers. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing group of women and excited for what’s to come for Southern Motherhood.

Favorite Southern Tradition: Oyster Roasts and Sweet Tea. We love a good get together where our bellies and are hearts are full.

The best part of being a blogger: The community of women I’ve met and the different collaborations I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to work on. It’s amazing how many real friendships I’ve made through blogging.

What I do in my spare time: I use any spare time to treat myself in some small way. Binge watching my favorite shows, painting my nails, blogging, taking a nap, slow eating a snack or reading a good book.

Southern Motherhood is: Living in the moment, taking things slow and loving hard. It’s also about creating/passing on traditions.

Sweet Tea or Coffee: Both! I love when I get a good brew of sweet tea, perfectly sweetened! And I am also a firm believer in — first I drink the coffee, then I do the things!

Favorite Colors: Pastels. I have a color crush on peaches, blushes and mint hues.

My Southern Style is: a go-to pair of jeans, a flowy top or classic tee with flip flops/sandals all complemented with my favorite part of any outfit, the accessories. My mom passed on her love for jewelry and every time I put them on I think of her and remember her fondly.

Favorite Target Isle: When I make it past the Dollar Spot I love perusing through the back seasonal aisle! It gets me all excited for the latest holiday!




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