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Southern Motherhood is raising our children to be wise, kind, and light-hearted spirits. Never taking themselves too seriously, and never judging others; living humbly.

Birthday: October, 15

What are you passionate about the most: Helping other women and young girls to see their worth and feel loved. In our world of social media I see so many women and young girls comparing themselves and forgetting their own worth, which truly breaks my heart. I’m very passionate about this because we are all so beautiful and unique in our own ways. I hope everyone remembers and knows we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”!

You would be surprised to know: My favorite activity is hiking. I’m quite the girly girl, but hiking is truly my favorite activity in the whole world! There’s nothing quite like being outdoors and getting to experience the beauty of our world, especially from the top of a mountain.

Favorite class, you’ve ever taken high school or college: Understanding the Times- we got to intimately study each worldview and it was the most interesting and eye-opening class I’ve ever taken. Learning about other cultures and religions has a way of humbling you and I believe rounds you out as a person.

How I met my husband: We met on a cruise; our families each took us on a graduation cruise after high school rather than throwing a big party to celebrate. We started dating later that summer and were long distance throughout all of college. It was rough, but we made it work, and I’m so happy we did. It may be cliche, but it’s true that the best things in life are worth waiting for!

Married Tradition: We always go to bed at the same time. This doesn’t always mean going to sleep at the same time, as even right now he is sleeping beside me while I’m up “working”, but we’ve found that going to bed at the same time is such a nice constant to share and really impacts the mood in which we go to sleep.

My favorite motherhood memory: The first night we brought Mackenzie home, she and I fell asleep on the couch together. After 3 months of her being in the NICU, we were finally all home together and my husband took a photo of the two of us passed out on the couch. It’s a pretty awful photo of me, but my absolute favorite one! I was leaning against the pillows and had her snuggled up on my chest, both sleeping. It was such a testament to everything we had both been through and how exhausted we both were, but also I think how we shared such an intimate peace to finally be home as mother and child.

How many kids do I have: One, for now, but I’d like to have 3 eventually.

How I came to be with Southern Motherhood: I was blessed to be invited to join Southern Motherhood through blogging and a mutual friend. Faythe, the editor and chief and Katie, another editor and photographer, invited me and other local #mombloggers to a home cooked dinner party! Since then, we’ve all continued to grow our friendships, and I’m so happy to have become so close with all of these amazing women. They are all so inspiring and I’m so honored to be a part of the Southern Motherhood community.

Favorite Southern Tradition: Sending thank you’s. Whether it be as simple as writing a sweet note, or a small gift as a token of your appreciation, I think a small thank you goes a long way and shows others that you are truly thankful for them.

The best part of being a blogger: Getting to connect with others on a real level. I’ve had the chance to really inspire others, share in their triumphs, as well as be there for them during their heartbreaks. We live in such a connected world, yet we are so disconnected from one another, and that’s what I love about blogging! I think it makes the most out of our technology and really allows us to encourage one another and lift each other up, which is a beautiful thing.

What I do in my spare time: I think the real question is what would I do in my spare time-haha- if only I had some! But that would be either swinging outside with Mackenzie and my husband with a warm cup of coffee or cozied up on the couch with a good book….and a warm cup of coffee.

Southern Motherhood is: Raising our children to be wise, kind, and light-hearted spirits. Never taking themselves too seriously, and never judging others; living humbly.

Sweet Tea or Coffee: BOTH! I like my sweet tea SWEET and my coffee cup to be large.

Favorite Colors: It’s so basic of me, but obviously Pink. Like Elle Woods, Pink is my signature color!

My Southern Style is: Probably more on the modern/classic side. I’m not a fan of monograms, bright flashy prints, or oversized t-shirts (I know, I know, treachery!), but I love a good sundress and the bigger the hat the better if I’m headed to the beach!!

Favorite Target Aisle: As if I could choose ONE?! Haha- I guess if I must choose, it would be between the stationary aisles and dollar section! I could spend 30 mins at least in each area- just looking at all the pretty colored things I don’t need and have nowhere to put- haha!





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