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Southern Motherhood is: Appreciating the little moments, soaking in the simplicity, and relishing in the art of slow living.



What are you passionate about the most: making choices and being the best mother for my own family regardless of other people’s opinions, and supporting other mothers on their own journey despite the differences we may have. I believe in a judgement free motherhood zone.

You would be surprised to know: Being a redhead isn’t really all that exciting to me. Everyone always tells me how much they love it. To me, it’s just the hair I’ve always had, and I get bored with it a lot.

Favorite class, you’ve ever taken high school or college: Algebra. I love finding solutions to problems.

How I met my husband: He went to my rival school, and I had known who he was though a mutual friend. One day I saw him at a basketball game, asked my sister for his number, and texted him. We went out that night and the rest is history.

Married Tradition: We both love the number 3. So when we go to bed, we kiss 3 times before we go to sleep.

My favorite motherhood memory: The first day my husband went back to work after I had my second baby, I vividly remember this state of complete happiness and, almost, euphoria. It was absolute bliss.

How many kids do I have: 1 girl and 2 boys

How I came to be with Southern Motherhood: I met the editor-in-chief of Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, and now Southern Motherhood, through a business facebook page we were both a part of. Throughout the last couple of years she has been one of my main support systems as I have grown in my photography business and more, and she has shown more belief and confidence in my strengths as a mom-boss than most people I know. In turn, I have such a huge respect and admiration for her and what she does for mothers through her work, and just as a human being. I couldn’t have been more excited when she approached me with the idea of Southern Motherhood. I know will be an amazing resource for southern mamas, and I’m blessed to be a part of it all.

Favorite Southern Tradition: Opening my home others and entertaining others. Treating everyone like a dear friend!

The best part of being a blogger: Definitely the community! I have met some of the most beautiful, supportive people ever since starting to blog.

What I do in my spare time: Finding beautiful things and moments to capture on camera, and going to Target or Homegoods after my babies go to sleep and just getting some “me” time.

Southern Motherhood is: Appreciating the little moments, soaking in the simplicity, and relishing in the art of slow living.

Sweet Tea or Coffee: Coffee every day, and sweet tea on a hot day!

Favorite Colors: Olive green, navy blue, and cognac.

My Southern Style is: Hats, flannels, boots and layers. There’s nothing better than fall in the south!

Favorite Target Isle: Anything related to decor. I could get lost for hours and drain my bank account on rugs, faux plants, throw blankets and pillows, and mirrors. If it has a red or yellow clearance sticker, I can’t say no!




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